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Wrongful Death Cases & Catastrophic Injury Cases

Wrongful Death Cases & Catastrophic Injury Cases

California Wrongful Death Cases & Catastrophic Injury Cases

William Mitchell Margolin, Attorney at Law, A Professional Law Corporation has helped families whose loved ones were killed in accidents. Our office has also helped people who have become severely disabled due to a catastrophic injury, changing their lives forever. Examples: Death case; a city bus struck a worker delivering a cherry picker machine at full speed, killing him and causing his children and grandchildren to be raised without their dad or granddad. Catastrophic injury case; a person we represented was walking across a street in a crosswalk and was hit by an SUV, which resulted in our client suffering brain damage and breaking bones, and turning an otherwise healthy person into a disabled and severely limited individual. We are experienced in handling wrongful death matters and catastrophic injury cases such as these, and we help individuals and families receive compensation and justice.


The person suing in a wrongful death case must be an appropriate lawful allowed person with standing to sue (PLAINTIFF/APPROPRIATE FAMILY MEMBER) and can claim the following economic damages:

  1. The financial support, if any, that Victim/Decedent would have contributed to the family during either the life expectancy that Victim/Decedent had before [his/her] death or the life expectancy of the Plaintiff/Appropriate Family Member, whichever is shorter;
  2. The loss of gifts or benefit that would have expected to receive from Victim/Decedent;
  3. Funeral and burial expenses; and
  4. The reasonable value of household services that Victim/Decedent would have provided.

Plaintiff/Appropriate Family Member award of any future economic damages must be reduced to present cash value. Plaintiff/Appropriate Family Member also claims the following non-economic damages:

  1. The loss of Victim/Decedent’s love, companionship, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, moral support &
  1. The loss of the enjoyment of sexual relations, if applicable; &
  2. The loss of Victim/Decedent’s training and guidance.

No fixed standard exists for deciding the amount of non-economic damages. Future economic damages exist but cannot be:

  1. Grief, sorrow, or mental anguish
  2. Pain and suffering of Plaintiff/Appropriate Family Member (not the pain of the victim)
  3. or The poverty or wealth of Plaintiff/Family Member

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